They Are Coming!

My husband and I have the incredible privilege to live and work at a Christian Camp in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  For most of the year, September through May, the camp is manned by those we call “full time” staff who reside here on the camp grounds, but the season which is now upon us we call “Summer.”  It is during our Summer season that we can find ourselves seeing to the needs and wishes of 10,000-12,000 guests!  Obviously the need for extra camp staff swells during this time.  These extra staff we call our SMTs, Summer Missions Team, or as I affectionately see them, our SUPER Missions Team.  These are college students that are recruited at their various university campuses, on line and by word of mouth.  They are a critical part of what will enable our summer camp season here at camp to hum like a well oiled machine.

They come from all over the great state of Texas as well as from many other states and even some foreign countries to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  They represent a myriad of degree plans, family backgrounds and life experiences.  Each one brings their own unique sense of style, humor and people skills.  They are creative, musical, thoughtful, open, kind, leaders, giving and ready to take the world by storm and we love them!  As we “do life” with them in the days ahead we will also be reminded that they also come with fears, insecurities, a desire to “fit” in, questions about God, less than perfect home lives and many more tender places and we love them!  One thing that is  certain is that their arrival at camp is anticipated much like the first cool front after a long hot Texas summer.  Refreshing.  They bring the next level of joyful energy that is needed to keep pace with the busy weeks ahead.

They will be trained to take on places of responsibility but the quality of excellence in that responsibility for the next 12 weeks will be on their shoulders. There will be hard work, long hours, sun burns, a few ungrateful campers, grating personalities, lots of laughter, games played, deep friendships cultivated, difficult decisions made, ways of thinking challenged, hurts healed and the priceless opportunity to be “broken and spilled out” for the spreading of the Gospel.

We welcome you Summer Missions Team of 2014!  May it be a summer well spent and pleasing to Him!

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