Between The Blades of Grass



Well, here I am, blogging.  It seems like such a funny word for what is to me just sharing what is on my mind and in my heart concerning my relationship with God and the simple ways He shows Himself in everyday events and encounters.  Things that happen in the course of an ordinary day that stand out and are anything but ordinary to me.  Choosing to try to put into words what some might call “God moments” is becoming more important to me lately.

Maybe because as of today I have lived 20,497 days (56 years, two months and four days for those counting) and only my Creator knows how many more I have.  Each of these days has played a role in history.  My history with Him and His with me.  I also sense a  longing to tell of His goodness and faithfulness to me, the “sheep of His pasture.”

Is there someone in your life who cheers you on and believes you have something to offer that might encourage others?  I do.  My best friend and husband, Mike.  Maybe he is another reason it is important for me to share if only to make him smile, it is worth it.

Perhaps it is because I have three precious grand children that I want to know the God I know.  Not one of many gods, but Him, the one true God.  The God who is real and tangible.  The God who is Awesome and gentle all at once.  The God who measured the heavens with the span of His hand and gave the oceans their borders.  The God who promises to never leave us or forsake us. The God who condescends to reveal Himself to someone like their Nana.

And lastly, if there is the smallest chance that the ins and outs of my ordinary days marked by extraordinary moments can touch another “sheep’s” heart and encourage them to trust a little longer, a little deeper and with greater abandon, then I will joyfully record what I see and hear!




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